6 Wins, 3 Terms, and He's Just Getting Started! - Rep. Jonathan Stickland

6 Wins, 3 Terms, and He’s Just Getting Started! – Rep. Jonathan Stickland

Podcast Interview with Jonathan Stickland

Through 6 years, 6 elections and 3 legislative sessions, Jonathan Stickland has learned a lot and earned his status as one of Texas’ most conservative legislators. Today he’s here to share that knowledge with us!

By any measure, our guest this week is one of the most conservative members of the Texas State House of Representatives. Jonathan Stickland is also a good friend and client of mine.

Jonathan has been a conservative rockstar in the Texas State House, playing a central role in most of the major political battles that have played out during his three terms in office. As a result of his convictions and the political threat he’s posed to his opponents, every one of his elections have been stiffly contested.

Few candidates receive the kind of repeated electoral attacks that Jonathan has and the adversity has turned him into a fantastic candidate. The insights into running underdog campaigns, raising money and contacting voters that he’s going to share will be absolute gold if you employ them effectively. He’s a good friend of several of our past guests and his consultant has also been on the Podcast.

Jonathan Stickland grew up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and runs an oil and gas consulting company. He lives in the heart of House District 92 in Hurst with his bride Krissy and two amazing daughters, Andie and Carlie.

I first got to meet Jonathan 6 years ago when he was looking to run against an entrenched incumbent. He’s a libertarian leaning Republican that loves his family, Jesus and the second amendment, so we got along immediately. He’s somebody I really look up to and I’ve been honored to be a part of his campaign family from day 1.

Links from the Podcast:

Connect with Jonathan Stickland on  Twitter and  Facebook. Read more about him at www.jonathanstickland.com.

What You’ll Learn from Tom Jonathan Stickland In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction and Rep. Jonathan Stickland Bio

[02:23] How Jonathan Stickland got interested in Politics

[07:17] Why Jonathan ran for office

[12:19] How to keep your office from defining WHO you are

[21:56] How to identify areas where compromise is possible vs where you should stand firm.

[26:55] Talk us through your first campaign, what you did and major lessons you learned?

[44:50] How did you handle attacks based on things you said or did early in your life that you regret?

[52:00] Last words of advice from Jonathan Stickland and where to find him online


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