Lean Campaigns Finish First - Spencer Sullivan

Lean Campaigns Finish First – Spencer Sullivan

Podcast Interview with Spencer Sullivan

It’s hard to run a race if you’re bloated and overweight. Campaigns are the same way. Spencer Sullivan knows how to cut the fat and win with lean campaigns!

Today we’re talking with Spencer Sullivan of Lean Campaign Strategies about how to run efficient campaigns. Saving money is always something I’m a fan of doing and there’s rarely enough on the campaign trail.

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Spencer Sullivan is the CEO/Founder of Lean Campaign Strategies. Spencer began his career on the hill working for a member of Congress. He transitioned to the campaign world after realizing he enjoyed the competitiveness and fast-paced environment of campaigns. He has managed victorious, top tier Federal races and targeted state races. On the campaign trail, Spencer has been involved in every aspect of managing a campaign. He has experience in fundraising, earned media, field operations, paid voter contact, polling, and GOTV operations.

Having been frequently outspent by incumbent campaigns during challenging races, Spencer has learned the importance of running a lean, effective campaign that makes every dollar stretch as far as possible. Spencer specializes in challenger campaigns and has ousted incumbents in back-to-back elections.

Spencer routinely appears on television as a pundit and discusses the news of the day. He also consults for a pharmaceutical company in guiding their messaging.

Raised in the Northeast, Spencer is a graduate of Marymount University where he majored in Political Science. One of five brothers, he enjoys catching up with his family and rooting for his beloved Boston sports teams. Spencer, his wife, and daughter Reagan live in Arlington, VA.

Links from the Podcast

Connect with Spencer Sullivan on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, or the Lean Campaign Strategies website.

You can also shoot him at email for further inquiries on their services.

Important Timestamps from the Podcast:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction and Spencer Sullivan Bio

[02:26] Spencer’s Background in Politics

[05:12] You learn more from your losses than your wins

[10:54] What are some of the early lessons you think impacted you most?

[19:44] How do you establish trust and ownership within a campaign?

[24:54] What are bad business-people have to break as candidates?

[32:44] What are time-saving systems you recommend every campaign implement?

[37:00] Tell us some pre-announcement steps you encourage your clients to take?

[46:54] Identify the biggest money-wasters on campaigns for us

[50:06] What does Lean Campaign Strategies do for campaigns?

[52:02] Where can people find you online?

[52:46] Closing thoughts from Spencer Sullivan

[53:56] Closing and Podcast outro

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