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Matt Krause: Losing, Winning and Leading with Integrity

Losing, Winning & Leading with Integrity

Today we’re talking to Representative Matt Krause of Texas 93rd District about how he got started as a candidate and the lessons he has learned through both defeat and victory.

Matt is a 4th generation Texan and has just been re-elected to his third term in the Texas State House. He’s a graduate of San Diego Christian College, where he was a star athlete and earned some recognition from ESPN Magazine. Following College, Matt in the inaugural class at Liberty University School of Law. His resume since then is extensive and I’ll link to a more full form in the show notes.

The most important things to know about Matt are that he’s a Christian, has been married to his bride Jennie for 14 years and is dad to 5 incredible young kids. He’s also a dedicated conservative voice in Austin.

Matt has been a friend of mine for more than 7 years and we first met when he came through a candidate training event that Drew Ryun and I did back in 2009. He’s experienced significantly more wins than losses but has plenty to share with us about what he’s learned from both.

Matt is the first elected official we’ve had on the podcast and has some awesome personal insights to share about how you can prepare to run and execute a winning campaign!

Links from the Podcast:

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Visit Rep. Krause’s website: Click here!

Important Time Stamps & Descriptions:

[00:00] Lead In

[00:26] Rep. Matt Krause Introduction

[01:42] How did you get involved in politics and what are you doing now?

[03:10] Two critical things to be ready for as a first-time candidate

[03:40] Can you tell us about your first campaign and what you learned from losing it?

[05:48] The importance of Block Walking/Canvassing and Fundraising

[07:56] After your loss in 2010, what did you do to prepare for running again in 2012?

[10:42] What did you do different in the 2012 race that helped you win in a crowded field?

[13:34] The importance of Candidates personally knocking doors

[14:20] How did you manage the transition from candidate to elected official?

[17:16] What role does your wife play in helping keep you on track in office?

[18:41] How did you and your wife work through the idea of running for office and find that political/family balance?

[21:20] Why do we need more Conservatives to run for office?

[23:35] What should potential candidates do now to prepare for their campaign?

[25:51] How to gauge how much someone ACTUALLY supports your campaign

[26:57] How do you balance being a candidate, elected official, father and husband?

[29:19] Personnel is Policy. What do you look for in potential campaign or legislative staff?

[31:19] Looking back, what advice would you give yourself as a first time candidate?

[32:37] Where can people find you online?

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