General Consulting and Helping Conservatives Win with Luke Macias - My Campaign Coach
Luke Macias Interview - General Consulting and Helping Conservatives Win

How to excel as a General Consultant and help Conservatives Win!

This week’s guest is my good friend Luke Macias, owner of the Texas-based Macias Strategies.

Macias Strategies is driven by the desire to achieve conservative policy outcomes at the state and local level. They believe that the policy outcomes of state and local governments are often opposite to the social and fiscally conservative values that are held by the voters. Limited government will only be obtained through visionary, principled leadership. Those are the characteristics they look for when deciding what candidates and organizations to engage with.

Luke has quickly become known as one of the most effective and youngest general consultants on the right in Texas. He’s been involved in politics most of his life, starting out working for his father’s state house campaigns. His passion found root and the paid opportunities to manage and run campaigns came quickly. Over the last 6 years, he’s consulted on more successful  campaigns than I can count and has a significant cadre of clients within the Texas capitol and local governments across the state.

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Important Time Stamps and Descriptions:

[00:00] Apology for dropping the ball…

[01:04] Intro

[01:30] Luke Macias bio

[02:42] Tell us about how you got involved in politics and how you got bit by the bug…

[09:52] Luke’s evolution into a general consultant

[12:38] The art of taking long-shot clients

[17:14] What are some of the important early lessons you learned as you were volunteering and helping on campaigns?

[20:08] Helping Identify good candidate for public office

[22:36] Identifying lessons learned: learning from winning and losing

[31:12] What are some of the personal attributes that you believe have helped you in being a good General Consultant

[36:23] What are the major facets of your mission and purpose in politics? Further, how does that impact your day to day work with clients?

[45:00] What does your working relationship with your clients look like?

[51:46] What are some of the primary indicators you use to gauge the health of a campaign?

[55:54] What should potential candidates be doing today in order to help prepare for their campaign?

[1:02:54] What do you look for in potential campaign staff or official staff hires?

[1:08:44] What advice would you give your younger self if you could do it all over again?

[1:13:20] Luke’s contact info and outro

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