How to Make a Campaign Video Studio on a Tight Budget

How to Make a Campaign Video Studio on a Tight Budget

How to Make a Campaign Video Studio on a Tight Budget

Video is a more powerful and accessible tool than ever, but you need the right setup. This week we’re walking you through how to make great videos on a tight budget. It’s increasingly likely that your usage of video will correlate to your campaign success so take notes!

I’ve been working to build a better office video/audio studio ever since I started My Campaign Coach. It’s been quite the evolution and I’ve learned a lot of hard lessons about what works and what doesn’t. At the end of the day, I think I’ve come up with about the best way out there to set up a fantastic home or office studio on a tight budget.

In this podcast, I walk you through the evolution of my studio setup and share all the information, advice and links you need to get yours up and running!

We’ll cover everything from how to pick the best room for your video studio to the camera, microphone, lighting, backdrop, software etc. Everything you need is right here!

It’s not high tech but I’ve included a sketch below of roughly how my office studio is set up. The one thing you don’t see on there is the two clamp lights that are located on the back of my chair and directly above my head. The backdrop hangs from brackets against the wall behind my chair.

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What You’ll Learn about Making a Campaign Video Studio In This Episode:

[00:00] Intro and Updates

[06:15] Why should you think about creating a DIY video studio?

[08:04] The saga of me setting up my studio and all the things I did WRONG + lessons learned

[10:42] Pick your studio space carefully

[13:31] How to find the right video camera for your studio

[18:27] What kind of microphone should I choose?

[21:08] Which lighting setup should I use in my studio?

[25:24] What about my video background?

[29:23] Notecards and teleprompters and how to keep your message tight

[34:03] Which software programs and apps should I use for recording and editing video?

[38:21] Content is king, so here’s how to make sure yours is great!

[42:44] Awesome tips for looking great on camera!

[47:15] Conclusion, closing and outro

Links from the Podcast:

Check out these tutorials about how to set up a DIY video studio and ways to look good on camera:

Links to the Products mentioned in the Podcast:





Teleprompter kit and App:

Recording Software:


Raz Shafer

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