Winning At the Ballot Box and In The Capitol - Micah Cavanaugh

Winning At the Ballot Box and In The Capitol – Micah Cavanaugh

Podcast Interview with Micah Cavanaugh

From volunteering in Kentucky to Consulting and Staff roles in Texas, Micah Cavanaugh has built a proven record of helping conservatives win!

Thank y’all for downloading this week’s episode! As I mentioned in last week’s podcast, here in year two of the How to Run for Office podcast, we’re changing things up a bit and I’m alternating between our standard interview format and deeper dives into specific subjects. I think this is going to be a way to take a more in-depth look at some of the common coaching problems that we get to help campaigns with, while still keeping a heavy focus on the interviews that you’ve gotten used to over the last year.

That said, y’all have the veto power over this change up. I want to make sure that we’re delivering valuable information to help you win elections and if you have input, advice or criticism, I want to hear it. Shoot me an email to and let me know what you think. Heck, if you think it’s a cool idea and you like what we’re doing, shoot me a note about that as well!

One of my favorite parts about the work I do in politics is the awesome people I get to work alongside. Our guest this week is somebody I’ve worked with for several years and it’s awesome seeing the impact that he’s having in the Texas State House.

Micah Cavanaugh is a native of Kentucky but calls New Braunfels, Texas home now. He became passionate about politics at an early age and has consistently worked to further conservative causes, regardless of what state he was hailing from.

Micah spent a couple years working for one of our previous guests, Luke Macias, helping elect strong conservatives across the state, and now serves as Chief of Staff to Texas State Rep. Tony Tinderholt. Micah is supposed to be helping me get his boss on here sometime soon so we’ll see how soon that happens!

When he’s not helping elect conservatives or kill bad legislation in the Texas House, Micah spends a lot of his time volunteering on international mission trips, helping spread the gospel to children in places like Russia, Colombia and Ecuador.

Today we’re going to be learning more about his experiences, how he ended up moving from activist to paid work on campaigns and many of the lessons he’s learned on the campaign trail, as well as in his work as a legislative staffer.

Links from the Podcast:

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What You’ll Learn from Micah Cavanaugh In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction

[02:47] Micah Cavanaugh’s background and how he came to work in politics as a job

[16:02] Lessons learned from vetting candidates

[23:16] How to deal with, “God wants me to run”

[27:54] Setting expectations for a candidate’s activity level on the campaign

[31:24] You’ve GOT to ask for money!

[38:28] Personnel = Policy

[47:42] What advice do you wish you had 10 years ago?

[51:30] As Chief of Staff, what excites you about looking forward to the next legislative session?

[55:03] Where to find Micah Cavanaugh online

[55:34] Conclusion and Outro

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