An Olympian’s Guide to Running for Office - Rep. Jim Ryun

An Olympian’s Guide to Running for Office – Rep. Jim Ryun

Podcast Interview with Rep. Jim Ryun

He ran the mile like no one ever had and ran for office like every man should. Jim Ryun, 3-time Olympian, spent 10 years in Congress and was well known as both a good man and fantastic candidate.

Jim Ryun knows how to run, and He’s going to share some great insights with us today.

Olympian and Congressman Jim Ryun, has an truly remarkable story. His journey has led him from being cut from the church baseball team to being rated by ESPN as the number one high school athlete of all time, beating both Tiger woods and LeBron James.

Jim Ryun served 10 years in the US House Of Representatives and is currently the Chairman of the Madison Project, where he focuses on helping elect comprehensive conservatives to Congress.

I’ve had the pleasure of working for Mr. Ryun at the Madison Project and getting to know his story, largely though my 9 years of working with his son Drew.

I can never spend enough time learning from and listening to Mr. Ryun and I know you’re going to get a lot from our conversation today.

Keep your ears open specifically for his advice about standing up to leadership, powering through the un-fun parts of the campaign and building quality relationships.

Links from the Podcast:

Connect with Jim Ryun on Twitter and Facebook. You can also read more about his astonishing and awe-inspiring story at

What You’ll Learn from Jim Ryun In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction & Rep. Jim Ryun Introduction

[01:40] How Jim Ryun got started in sports and then politics

[07:22] Deciding to run for Congress

[11:46] If you do EVERYTHING, you’ll win!

[19:20] Fundraising like an Olympian

[23:10] The importance of knowing your core values and principles

[25:52] Standing up to Leadership

[31:34] What does it take to be a good candidate?

[35:04] Communicate well: be a “Wordsmith”

[36:36] Conclusion and Podcast Outro

Raz Shafer

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