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Creating a Cutting Edge Digital Campaign- Ryan Gravatt

Creating a Cutting Edge Digital Campaign- Ryan Gravatt

Everybody knows that you can’t win office without a web presence. What’s less common is actually knowing how to create a GOOD one! Ryan Gravatt, CEO of Raconteur Media joins us today to tell us how he uses proven business strategies to win votes and gives us the inside scoop on how to grade your digital campaign.

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Our guest this week is Ryan Gravatt, the CEO of Raconteur Media Company. Over the last 16 years, Ryan has helped more than 200 candidates win elections through his innovative digital marketing strategies.

Recognized as a pioneering digital marketing expert for political campaigns, Ryan walks his clients through a strategic process, from website creation and email messaging campaigns to voter and donor outreach all the way to their election day victory.

Transforming Your Relationships with Radical Giving – John Rhulin

Transforming Your Relationships with Radical Giving - John Rhulin

Campaigns live and die on the network the candidate has created. John Ruhlin’s principles of Radical Giving have revolutionized relationships for men and women across the country and organizations of every size. They can do that for your campaign and John joins us this week to tell you HOW!

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I’m excited to be back with y’all for a couple of new episodes! This has been a crazy busy year around here and it has left far too little time for podcasting. Work has been crazy busy, my son Stoney is a wild man and our second child is due in October so it’s been an eventful few months since I last posted episodes.

This week and next I’ll be posting episodes and then we’ll have another break. Please send in recommendations for folks you’d like to hear from and I’ll be recording more interviews this summer.

The guest this week isn’t a candidate, consultant or campaign staffer. I forgot to ask him but I’d bet he has never knocked a door for a candidate and probably hasn’t volunteered. So, what does he have to offer campaigns?

John Ruhlin is a master of giving. He’s literally made giving things away his profession. I read his book, Giftology, as part of a mastermind group I’m part of and was blown away by the potential. The idea of “Radical Giving” that he champions really caught me and I’ve become a huge fan.

Building a Bulletproof Ground Game with Chris Sacia

Building a Bulletproof Ground Game with Chris Sacia

Ground game is about my favorite part of the campaign precisely because it’s so important. Chris Sacia understands the critical nature of this facet of campaigns and knows how to run it like a well-oiled machine. Today he shares a wealth of hard one tips you can leverage today!

This week we’re talking about one of my favorite topics: Ground game. Canvassing. Block walking. Whatever you call it, voter contact of the door to door variety is the most effective means of campaign conversion and critical to efforts of every size.

Our guest this week is someone I’ve worked with quite a bit the last two years and I’ve grown a great amount of respect for the way he approaches campaigns, specifically the ground game side.

Chris Sacia is a veteran of the US Navy and a conservative political operative from Texas. He has served in various capacities on multiple campaigns. When he’s not working, Chris can usually be found listening to an audiobook, window shopping for truck parts or reading a random article on Wikipedia.

I got to learn a lot about Chris during this interview and y’all are going to love some of the tips he provides for building a bulletproof campaign.

Communicating Clearly in a Noisy World with Amy Hawkins

Communicating Clearly in a Noisy World with Amy Hawkins

Without effective communication, you’re going to lose your race. Amy Hawkins joins us today to talk about her strategies for crystal clear, intentional communication. She’s been in the trenches for over a decade and has a wealth of knowledge to share with us!

Our guest this week is a political communications rockstar from Michigan. I’ve gotten to know Amy Hawkins over the last couple of years and have been continually impressed by her work ethic, attention to detail and the clarity she brings to communication.

Residing in Michigan, she currently serves as Manager for her business Generation Strategies, LLC a communication and marketing group.

Her recent work is encyclopedic and we’ll get into some of the specifics during the interview.

Amy’s background includes over a decade in statewide politics in program development and management, developing multi-faceted strategic plans, event coordination and networking state and national leaders.

She especially enjoys advocating for Responsible Christian Citizenship, the protection, and preservation of America, the importance of the Generations, Biblical Worldview and more effective involvement in the political arena.

Her passions include America, politics, finding ways to support the military and police, educating and equipping Christians to engage in culture, writing, travelling, and drinking good coffee

With that, let’s get to the interview!

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