Training Patriots and Equipping Future Candidates with Rick Green - My Campaign Coach
Rick Green Podcast Interview - Training Patriots and Equipping Future Candidates

Rick Green’s Legacy is Going to Be Training Patriots and Equipping Future Candidates for Public Service.

Today’s interview is a special one for me because I’m talking with somebody who has had an enormous impact on my career. His recommendation shortly before I graduated opened the door to my first job and his mentorship has been of incalculable value to me both before and after that point.

Rick Green an attorney, author, former elected official, father, mentor, radio host, inspirational speaker, and soon he going to be a grandfather.

The work that Rick and his family have done to promote our nation’s founding principles has been a great source of energy within the conservative movement.

Beyond the incredible family that Rick and his beautiful bride Kara have raised, I believe his greatest legacy is going to be the organization that first cemented our friendship, Patriot Academy.

Over the 14 years that Patriot Academy has been training patriots, they’ve turned out hundreds of motivated, principled conservatives who are impacting policy and campaigns across the country.

Links from the Podcast:

Connect with Rick on Twitter and Facebook! Check out the Patriot Academy website as well as for more info about what Rick and his amazing family are up to.

Important Time Stamps and Descriptions:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction

[00:50] Rick Green Background

[02:52] How Rick Green became involved in Politics

[07:00] What was it like becoming a State Representative at 27 years old?

[08:41] How do I know if I should wait before running for office?

[17:40] What are some of the top lessons you learned during your time in the State House?

[24:24] How did Patriot Academy come about and why did you start it?

[29:58] How big is Patriot Academy at this point?

[31:51] What can I learn at Patriot Academy?

[37:42] Can people still apply to attend Patriot Academy this year?

[45:28] How Patriot Academy can help you

[52:19] Where can people connect with Rick Green online?

[54:36] Final words of Wisdom from Rick Green

[56:30] Adios and outro

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