Running for Office as a New Mom?

Running for Office as a New Mom? – Emily Cook

Running for Office as a New Mom?

Emily Cook has been fighting for conservative causes her entire career and just a few months after giving birth to her first son, she found herself being called to run for public office. She ran a phenomenal campaign but was subjected to awful attacks by fellow Republicans because of her gender and young son. She’s got some unique wisdom to share with us on this week’s episode!

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I love getting to coach awesome conservatives. It’s an incredible part of what I get to do and Emily Cook is high on my list of favorites.

She is a born and bred Texan, has worked in conservative politics for her entire career and is a great attorney. More importantly, Emily and her husband Justus are new parents like me and my bride. Their son Andrew is just a couple months older than my son, Stoney, and the work hard to make his life better and our state stronger every day.

Late last year, it was to a large degree their dedication to Andrew’s future that led Emily and Justus to make the decision that Emily would take on a run for State House. Over the next four and a half months, Emily ran hard and did a phenomenal job as a first-time candidate. While the election results didn’t come back like we’d hoped, she did a great job and learned a lot.

Emily joins us this week to talk about her journey and some very specific lessons she learned. While it’s an episode that everyone will learn from, her unique experience as a young mother will be especially valuable to anyone who may face a similar situation.

What You’ll Learn about Emily Cook In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction

[01:50] Emily Cook’s Background and Why She Ran

[11:56] Building the Campaign and Finding the Path

[20:46] What happened when your opponent recognized you as a threat?

[38:12] How did Campaign Coaching help you?

[46:45] Where can people find you online?

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