Using Business Strategies to Super-Charge your Campaign with Scott Beebe - My Campaign Coach
Scott Beebe - My Campaign Coach Podcast Interview

How can winning business strategies help you win a political campaign?

I haven’t talked about it much on the podcast but entrepreneurship and small business ownership has always been about as much a part of my life as politics. As my involvement in each area has grown, I’ve been consistently impressed by the similar struggles that occur in each area. Fundamentally, success in either sphere requires a worthwhile product, effective marketing, adequate capital, a strong team and systems that run the trains on time.

One of the most important things that I’ve done as a business owner is to surround myself with smart people who can challenge me and share their wisdom into my life and work. Scott Beebe, our guest this week, is one of those men.

For the last three years, Scott and I have worked weekly together in one of Aaron Walker’s Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind Groups and he’s also done several months of direct business coaching with me and my team. His help was a huge part of getting My Campaign Coach started and I believe the kind of work he put us through is equally applicable to campaigns as to business. Among other things, Scott bears a lot of the credit for helping us hone our vision into a succinct, comprehensive mission and values set.

Scott’s company is called, My Business on Purpose and they’re a multi-broadcast platform that equips, inspires and mobilizes business professionals to live out their skill set to society as an agent of God’s grace. They help small business owners and decision makers uncover the things they cannot see, and create game-changing business strategies that allow them to take immediate action and live out both their life and business with purpose and intentionality.

Scott is a husband, father, strategist, teacher and business coach. He’s lived and worked across the country but South Carolina is his home, where he lives with his bride Ashley and their 3 children.

Links from the Podcast:

Connect with Scott Beebe on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or the My Business on Purpose website.

Purchase and complete the DISC Personality Profile that we mention on the podcast!

Important Topics and Time Stamps from the Podcast:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction and Scott Beebe Bio

[02:10] Scott Beebe’s background and how he ended up playing as a starter for the USC Gamecocks.

[09:05] How’d you get involved in coaching and what role does it play in business success?

[13:21] How can business coaching wisdom help political campaigns?

[18:27] Why having a Vision, Mission and Values matters for your campaign – even more than your business!

[34:25] The importance of understanding your own personality and abilities

[46:45] How does building effective campaign systems supercharge your race?

[49:35] Where can people find you online?

[50:38] Conclusion and Podcast Outro

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