The Story Behind Dan Crenshaw’s Incredible Win - Brendan Steinahuser

The Story Behind Dan Crenshaw’s Incredible Win – Brendan Steinhauser

The Story Behind Dan Crenshaw’s Incredible Win - Brendan Steinahuser

Dan Crenshaw was our guest a few weeks ago and since then he won his runoff campaign by the widest margin of ANY Republican Congressional contest in Texas. He smoked the competition and this week we’re talking with his consultant, Brendan Steinhauser.

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This week we’re bringing back on the podcast one of our first guests, Brendan Steinhauser. You can check out Episode 4 of this podcast to hear us talk about his background and how he runs Data-Driven Campaigns. Those skills were critical to winning the race we’re talking about today.

Just a few episodes ago, we talked with Dan Crenshaw. He’s a retired Lt. Commander from the Navy SEALS and was in a runoff election for the US Congress. He took second place in the original primary election by less than 200 votes, beating a woman who had self-funded millions of dollars into her race.

Dan and his team did an incredible job and Brendan helped quarterback much of that as the general consultant. Last week, they won the runoff and now they’re headed towards the general election in November.

If you haven’t listened to Dan’s interview yet, go back and do so. We cover some of the same ground, but obviously, now we know the results. Getting the same story from the perspective of Consultant and Candidate is pretty neat and I appreciate these guys sharing their stories with us!

What You’ll Learn about Brendan Steinhauser and his Data-Driven Campaigns In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction

[01:56] How Brendan Steinhauser started working with Dan Crenshaw

[07:15] What were the major factors in Crenshaw making the Primary Runoff Election?

[11:20] Did y’all use tracking polls or figure race position based on direct voter contact data?

[14:46] How did yard signs factor into your race?

[19:54] Did Dan’s interviews on podcasts impact the race and donations?

[23:18] How “Slates” and Negative Campaigning backfired on Crenshaw’s opponent.

[29:44] It’s critically important for a candidate to surround his/herself with REAL friends

[33:10] What is your strategy to win the general election in November?

[37:45] Politics isn’t the hardest thing you’ll ever do

[41:42] Where to Find Brendan Steinhauser and Dan Crenshaw online

Links from the Podcast:

Connect with Brendan Steinhauser on LinkedIn,  Twitter and Facebook.


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