Transforming Your Relationships with Radical Giving - John Rhulin

Transforming Your Relationships with Radical Giving – John Rhulin

Transforming Your Relationships with Radical Giving - John Rhulin

Campaigns live and die on the network the candidate has created. John Ruhlin’s principles of Radical Giving have revolutionized relationships for men and women across the country and organizations of every size. They can do that for your campaign and John joins us this week to tell you HOW!

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I’m excited to be back with y’all for a couple of new episodes! This has been a crazy busy year around here and it has left far too little time for podcasting. Work has been crazy busy, my son Stoney is a wild man and our second child is due in October so it’s been an eventful few months since I last posted episodes.

This week and next I’ll be posting episodes and then we’ll have another break. Please send in recommendations for folks you’d like to hear from and I’ll be recording more interviews this summer.

The guest this week isn’t a candidate, consultant or campaign staffer. I forgot to ask him but I’d bet he has never knocked a door for a candidate and probably hasn’t volunteered. So, what does he have to offer campaigns?

John Ruhlin is a master of giving. He’s literally made giving things away his profession. I read his book, Giftology, as part of a mastermind group I’m part of and was blown away by the potential. The idea of “Radical Giving” that he champions really caught me and I’ve become a huge fan.

Giftology makes a compelling case for how impactful Radical Giving can be in business and relationships…but what about campaigns and non-profit groups?

John does a great job of explaining what Radical Giving is in the interview and beautifully articulated how to leverage this mindset within campaigns and non-profits. So keep listening!

For those of you who are thinking about running for office down the line, listen carefully and consider how you can use his wisdom as you’re building relationships towards your candidacy!

Let’s get to the interview

What You’ll Learn about John Rhulin and Radical Giving In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction

[06:25] The Case for Radical Giving:

[09:50] What makes gifts powerful?

[12:25] How does radical giving work for campaigns and non-profits?

[18:45] Thoughtless gifts and cheap crap are both BIG failures

[21:50] How to convince folks you’re not crazy when you try radical giving

[27:55] Gift plan vs. Ad hoc gifts

[32:55] Start giving NOW!

[35:50] How John can help you or your organization

Links from the Podcast:

Connect with John Rhulin on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also visit his website, or check him on Youtube.

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