Using Facebook to Supercharge Your Campaign - Jenn Gray

Using Facebook to Supercharge Your Campaign – Jenn Gray

Podcast Interview with Jenn Gray

We know Facebook can be a powerful tool for campaigns. But using it EFFECTIVELY is tricky. Jenn Gray knows the answers!

Each week I get to interview candidates, elected officials and campaign rockstars, discussing everything from Facebook to Block-Walking. But this week is special to me because not only is our guest an incredibly effective campaign operative, but she’s also a long-lost friend from college.

Jenn Grey and I first got to know each other while we were attending Hillsdale College and spent some quality time together in a number of economics classes and enjoying more than a few Greek events.

Since graduating, Jenn has worked throughout the Libertarian movement, everywhere from development to social media, and made a name for herself as a rockstar in every arena she’s entered.

She is a true innovator and has become known, even outside the Libertarian community as someone who is constantly looking for new, more efficient ways to run campaigns, win votes and raise money.

Her mission is to help pro-liberty causes and campaigns change hearts and minds and attract their perfect prospects with innovative social media advertising.

Some of the things she’s been able to do with Facebook are mind boggling and I’m really excited to find out more about the advice she has more efficiently marketing and effectively communicating a pro-liberty message.

Jenn is also a fellow podcast host with the Leading Liberty Podcast, where she focuses on giving pro-liberty professionals a way to educate themselves on marketing, communication and activism from some of the leading minds in the liberty movement.

Links from the Podcast:

Connect with Jenn Gray on Facebook and via her website! That’s also where you can find her podcast.

Check out her free Digital Prospecting Cheat Sheet: 5 Quick Wins to Increase your Facebook ROI

Important Topics and Time Stamps from the Podcast:

[00:00] Special Announcement

[01:51] Podcast Intro & Jenn Gray Bio

[04:15] Jenn’s political journey

[06:50] Experimenting with Social Media for Business and Politics

[14:34] Keys to communicating the principles of Liberty in the digital realm?

[21:40] Tips for campaign fundraising on Facebook

[26:30] How to build a campaign connection on Facebook

[36:20] Easy guide to understanding Sales or Lead Funnels for campaigns

[43:40] What can Jenn do to help your campaign?

[48:27] More about the Leading Liberty Podcast

[50:46] Closing advice from Jenn Gray

[53:40] Where you can find Jenn online

[54:41] Closing & Outro

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