We Need Veterans to Run for Office - Tom Lucero

We Need Veterans to Run for Office – Tom Lucero

Podcast Interview with Tom Lucero

There is an enormous value that our military Veterans can provide our country as elected officials. We need veterans to run for office and My Campaign Coach is partnering with groups like Our Values to help make that happen.

Our guest this week knows about winning and losing in politics.

Tom Lucero has been a businessman, entrepreneur and community activist in northern Colorado for over 21 years. He has owned restaurants and several software companies.

After helping with Veterans Outreach on the Trump Campaign last year, Tom hooked up with Benghazi survivor, Mark “Oz” Geist and started Our Values, an organization dedicated to increasing Veterans involvement in politics. We’ll be talking a lot about this today and the partnership we’re developing with them and My Campaign Coach.

Tom has spent his entire adult life involved in Republican politics. It started in college when he interned with the Independence Institute. The lessons of limited government and personal responsibility Tom learned from that internship served as he continued in politics. Tom worked for Bruce Benson’s campaign for governor in 1994, Bob Schaffer for Congress in 1996 and then his own successful campaign for the University of Colorado Board of Regents in 1998.

For twelve years on the Board of Regents Tom fought to strengthen the core curriculum to better reflect on Western Civilization values.

Links from the Podcast:

Connect with Tom Lucero on  Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Learn more about giving Veterans a Voice at ourvalues.com.

What You’ll Learn from Tom Lucero In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction and Tom Lucero Bio

[01:36] Tom’s Background and how he got involved in politics

[12:42] If you want to win, you gotta do the work!

15:22 Starting “Our Values” and involving Veterans in Politics

[21:06] What My Campaign Coach is doing to help Veterans run for office

[32:04] What are the top things candidates need to focus on when launching a campaign?

[37:17] “Knock on One. More. Door.”

[42:36] Initial Systems and Process for Candidates to Create

[45:58] The power of creating small goals

[49:38] Why Candidates need to knock doors THEMSELVES

[53:54] Final pieces of advice from Tom Lucero

[57:10] Where can listeners go to find out more about Our Values and the work you and Oz Geist are doing?

[58:30] Podcast closing and outro

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