Vetting Candidates, Campaign Logistics & Voter Contact - Raz Shafer

Vetting Candidates, Campaign Logistics & Voter Contact – Raz Shafer

Raz Shafer - Vetting Candidates, Campaign Logistics & Voter Contact

Vetting candidates, properly built campaign logistics and strong voter contact are essentials in any political operation. Make sure you’re doing them right!

We’re back again this week with our new podcast format, diving deep into some subjects that folks have asked for us to cover on Facebook. Today we’re talking about Vetting Candidates, building your campaign calendar, the campaign logistics framework for a strong campaign and different ways to contact voters.

Candidate Vetting

With Roy Moore’s defeat in the Alabama Senate this week, lots of people are wondering how the secrets of his past weren’t discovered earlier. His case is an aberration since it’s hard to keep those kinds of things hidden for so long, but there are some common sense steps that people can take to make sure that candidates they support won’t surprise them.

Campaign Logistics

Breaking down your campaign into major systems is the first step in running your campaign like a business. Finance, Logistics, Air, Ground and Strategy are the 5 major systems that you’ll find. Beneath each of those are various sub-systems (payroll, canvassing, endorsements, book keeping, compliance, etc) that are made up of individual processes. These processes are checklists and guides for repeatable tasks. By employing effective campaign logistics and creating these systems and processes, your organization will run much smoother and you’ll save immense amounts of time!

Here are some apps that can help!

Campaign Calendar

Most campaigns start filling in their calendar from now, moving forward to election day. That’s the wrong way to go. Start with the polls closing on election day and move backwards. Not only will you avoid missing important milestones and metrics, you’ll see a much clearer picture of the resources you’ll need and when you’ll need them.

Contacting Voters

From canvassing to neighborhood coffees, parades to TV ads, you’ve got a ton of options when it comes to touching voters. The most effective ones are the most personal but you’ll likely need to employ several types of voter contact in order to win.

Links from the Podcast:

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What You’ll Learn from Raz Shafer In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction

[02:22] Vetting Candidates: How to make sure your endorsement doesn’t backfire

[08:32] How to use Systems and Processes to supercharge your candidacy

[13:40] Building your Campaign Calendar

[18:16] How to build your Campaign Organization Chart

[25:02] What are all the ways you can contact voters?

[33:04] Closing and Outro

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