What Losing and Legislating Teach about Winning in Politics - Matt Rinaldi

What Losing and Legislating Teach about Winning in Politics – Matt Rinaldi

What Losing and Legislating Teach about Winning in Politics

Matt Rinaldi has won and lost campaigns. Sometimes by extremely close margins. After serving several sessions in the Texas State Legislature, he knows what it feels like to win and lose legislative battles. He knows why he’s there and what he believes in. More than that, he’s willing to fight for both with every political and procedural weapon available.

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Texas State Representative Matt Rinaldi has Represented the North West portion of Dallas County since he was elected in late 2014. He lost his first race, changed his campaign strategy and came back to beat the incumbent in a rematch the following cycle, even though is opponent spent over 1 million dollars.

Matt earned a bachelors in economics from James Madison University and his law degree from Boston University School of Law. Like myself, he married well out of his league and they were blessed by the addition of young Benjamin Rush Rinaldi around the same time that my son Stoney was born.

Representative Rinaldi is a trusted source on constitutional issues and has spoken extensively on these matters throughout the state and on Fox News Radio affiliates throughout the country. He is a strong advocate for limited government, pro-liberty and free-market policies, secure borders, education, Second Amendment rights and the protection of life.

What You’ll Learn about Winning in Politics In This Episode:

[00:00] Podcast Introduction

[01:30] How Matt Rinaldi became involved in politics

[06:15] How did you involve your spouse in your decision to run for office?

[10:35] What changed your block walking strategy between your first and second races?

[19:30] After running several races, what are some of the major takeaways you learned?

[31:33] When you look toward your competitive general election race, what are the major things you need to show your constituents?

[33:28] What are your “Whys”?

[37:04] How do you go from winning a campaign to legislating effectively in just a couple months?

[39:40] Using every procedural tool possible to make a difference.

[56:16] Advice for future candidates and staff

[58:42] Final words of advice

Links from the Podcast:

Connect with Matt Rinaldi on LinkedIn,  Twitter and Facebook. Learn more about him at http://mattrinaldi.com/.

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