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Barksdale's Winning Political Tips

Barksdale’s “Winning Political Tips” shares timeless campaign insights you need to read!

Like most professions, most of winning comes from understanding simple truths and systematically executing on them. Consultants and operatives often lose sight of this and try to replace it with secret sauce concocted by a man behind the curtain. I’ll be honest, I fall for that lie myself on occasion.

I purchased a copy of Winning Political Tips a few years ago after learning that my friend Brent Barksdale had published it. He told me up front that it was’t a tome filled with secret strategies. His purpose in writing it was to pull together a host of practical tips for campaigns that have served him well over the years.

It’s not rocket science and the book doesn’t try to explain or expound on the tips. If you’re looking for those kinds of things, this isn’t where you’re going to find them.

If you’re an experienced political operative it’s likely that you’ve heard or learned many of these, but in spite of my experience, I enjoy flipping through it from time to time to jog my memory or pull an important lesson back to the front of my mind.

I think the greatest value in this book is to new candidates or operatives. It’s kind of a Cliff’s Notes to campaigns. Bullet points of campaign trail wisdom that you can quickly digest and quickly apply to your campaign.

Check out some of Brent’s favorite tips below and click here to purchase the book. (Please use our affiliate link to help support My Campaign Coach!)

Brent’s Favorite Winning Campaign Tips

At the end of Winning Campaign Tips, Brent lists his favorites and he gave me permission to list them all here. Go buy the Kindle version of his book for $5.99 on Amazon to get access to the several hundred other tips he’s compiled!

  • Money is not evil. You must have it to run a successful campaign.
  • In politics, playing defense is for losers.
  • Campaigns should have a sense of urgency in everything they do.
  • When you think politics, think personal.
  • Handwritten notes are always more personal and more effective. Write them whenver possible.
  • You should be able to tell someone why you a re running for office in 30 seconds or less.
  • You hired your consultant because they have expertise so let them do their job.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for money, votes, volunteers, etc.
  • Stress is a part of politics, so get used to it.
  • Voters are busy so keep your message simple and clear.
  • Remember it’s not about you. It’s about the voters.
  • A candidate should never manage their own campaign.
  • Remember your opponent is also reading your website.
  • The candidate is always the best fundraiser.
  • If you don’t have anything for volunteers to do when they come to your office, they may never come back again.
  • When dealing with reporters, always stay on message and always stay in control.
  • Campaigns are more effective when everyone knows who is in charge.

What is your favorite Winning Campaign Tip?

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